ArcheAge Fan Demographic Survey 2014

It’s that time of the year again! This year’s ArcheAge Fan Demographics Survey is now live and ready for your input. All the old questions have returned, accompanied by a new section for ArcheAge fans who have played the Korean, Chinese, Japanese or Russian version of the game!

We need your responses to gauge the community’s general feelings about revenue models, player versus player combat, player versus environment quests, fansites, official forums, social media and a bunch of other topics. Click the link below to get started!


The survey is available in both German and French (thanks goes to Fido for the German translation).

The results of 2012’s and 2013’s surveys are available for download on ArcheAgeSource.com.


ArcheAgeGame.com Updates

Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge teaser website, ArcheAgeGame.com, has been active for almost a year now. For months it beckoned visitors to register to receive updates about ArcheAge’s localization and testing. Finally Trion has made some significant updates to the site’s structure and content, adding a “Game” page that describes the ArcheAge’s features in some detail and a blog-type “Updates” page that currently contains a “Welcome” post and one lore entry. We’ve included the lore entry below for your reading pleasure.

A half-age before the Exodus, twelve companions set forth on an expedition that would give rise to our world at the cost of their own. A detailed accounting of their journey was discovered in Gods and Heroes, a book attributed to Lucius Quinto, the expedition’s ill-fated bard.

12th Day; 7th Moon

What if the legend was true?

It was an uncommon question, one quickly banned from the courts and cathedrals of Delphinad. In the mead halls, it was ignored in favor of cheap ballads, stories of lust and coin that filled the cups of the hungry and hopeless.

But for us, twelve friends with twelve reasons to find the birthplace of the world, it became an obsession. It was only a matter of time before our feet began to follow our hearts: North, toward the Hiram Mountains.

Mountains that will be the death of us all.

Three peaks into our crossing, we are tired, cold, and ugly. Teeth of frost hang from our hair and our noses, covering skin pulled taught over sunken cheeks. There are no pleasures of bed or table. Just snow, ice, and endless rock.

What if the legend was true?

Is it foolish to hold out hope? What if we found the source of all magic – how many would be left to harvest its power?

I see different questions in my companions’ eyes. Hungry questions. They wonder what sweet succor you’d find in Firran meat, what morsels could be torn from our Astra’s ribs.

One in particular sets my teeth to chatter: Orchidna, a curious spirit hiding in the flesh of a child. If only she possessed a child’s ways, a child’s enthusiasm or brightness ….

But no. She’s the same creature who was shunned in Delphinad, hiking as numbly through the grandest adventure of her life as down the city streets she would wander for days on end.

Orchidna is an ever-present reminder: What if the legend is true? And what if it’s like nothing we ever expected?

It is safe to assume ArcheAgeGame.com will be redesigned again when beta testing begins next year.

In case this is our last post for 2013, have a safe and happy year-end holiday! :)


ArcheAge E3 Roundup

It’s been a week since E3 ended, which should be enough time for most news outlets to publish their ArcheAge stories. Here’s a collection of content that was generated by E3 press attendees. Enjoy!

  1. First E3 Demo Uploaded to Youtube
    ArcheAge Demo, E3 2013 Tuesday

  2. Interview with Kenneth Rosman and Victoria Voss on the ArcheAge Report Podcast
    The ArcheAge Report Podcast, Special E3 Episode

  3. Massively’s E3 Preview by Andrew Ross
  4. MMORPG.com’s E3 Preview by William Murphy
  5. TenTonHammer’s E3 First Impressions by Sardu
  6. The Escapist’s E3 Preview by Greg Tito
  7. GameSpot’s E3 ArcheAge vs TESO by Kevin VanOrd
  8. RPGFan’s E3 First Look by Ashton Liu
  9. DigitalTrend’s E3 Preview by Kevin Kelly
  10. GameBreaker’s E3 Presentation Video by QuintLyn
  11. ZAM.com’s E3 Preview by Jarimor
  12. MMOHut’s E3 Recap
  13. YogsCast’s E3 Video Interview with Kyung-Tae Kim

Hopefully this is enough information to keep ArcheAge fans satisfied until Trion Worlds begins spinning up their marketing machine. :)


English Skill Calculator by Impact Guild


The German ArcheAge Guild “Impact” has coded a custom skill tree and class calculator from a mix of PHP and Javascript. The result is a relatively up-to-date application that allows ArcheAge fans to plan out a potential character build long before any beta test.

Follow the link below to see the calculator in action!



Are you ready for ArcheAge CBT5?

ArcheAge’s fifth closed beta test will begin soon! Have you prepared your mind and body? If not, here’s some training materials. Get studying!

A good place to start is XLGAME’s official ArcheAge Youtube channel. There’s a set of three or four videos showing off features and items debuting in CBT5, such as improved character creation, Mirage Island, and a collection of new armor and weapon sets, and even a cinematic trailer for Orchidna.

Next up, look for translated interviews with XLGAMES staff from Korean gaming sites. Intrepid community members from ArcheAge fansites like ArcheAge-Online.de have taken it upon themselves to decipher some interesting articles, so you might as well read a few. Here’s the beginning of one from MMOCulture.com:

After a brief teaser at ChinaJoy 2012 talking to the Chinese media, XLGAMES is now preparing for ArcheAge Closed Beta 5 in Korea. A media conference was held as the date draws closer to 16th August, with ArcheAge’s development staff answering various questions. Having gone through over 6 years of development and 4 beta phases, with the previous one lasting 95 days, what new content will be for testing this time? Note that not all information is translated, and may not be 100% accurate. Original article from Inven Korea.

Read the full story here.

Finally, camp out in the ArcheAgeSource.com beta forums, a hub for the international ArcheAge community! Look for the inevitable threads containing links to livestreams and translated articles. Expect player reviews to be posted after the test is complete, as well.

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