Tencent Games Carnival has begun and ArcheAge is there!

Though most of ArcheAge-Online.com’s readers hail from Europe or North America, we still post ArcheAge news from other parts of the world. We believe this information may be interesting to fans regardless of where they live! Having said that, here’s the newest videos and information to have come out of Tencent’s Games Carnival!

First off is probably the most important bit of news: China’s first dedicated closed beta test will start in May 2013! Actual release of the game in China is slated for 2014, but we’ll see how that pans out.

ArcheAge has over 1 million registered fans in China that want to be part of the beta. Not all 1 million will get to play in it, but all of them got their names in the video below. Their names make up the countdown and date at the end of the video (difficult to see, but they’re there).

During the presentation a trailer was shown. Here is that same trailer by itself.


Sources: MMOCulture.com, ArcheAge-Online.de, ArcheAgeSource.com

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  2. Where is the link for download, please!