New ArcheAge Video from CGDC 2011

Wow, this video is pretty incredible. First you get a nice view of airships, then you watch player characters jump off and use some kind of upside-down hanglider to reach the city below! The video doesn’t stop there, though. Next up is castle building, specifically building sections of a castle wall. That’s exactly what people wanted to see! And finally, we get a glimpse of ArcheAge’s smartphone app that seems to let you pester your personal maid while simultaneously tweeting about how awesome ArcheAge is.

President and CEO of XLGAMES Jake Song, the iconic Korean developer who developed ‘Lineage’ and “Kingdom of the Winds’ gave a keynote speech at the 4th China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai on July 28.

Jake’s topic of the speech was about ‘Evolution of MMORPGs’ and marked the first Korean game developer to give technical speech in China.

During the speech, he addressed about the first and second generation online games. The first generation online games presented a virtual world for gamers making them experience the joy of online gaming. The second generation online games, the developers shifted their focus to providing more diversified game modes and content, while adding abundant directions for the games.

  1. Dvalin says:

    yeah this looks cool , we posted this on cruel-gaming.com as well, were looking forward to it, but kinda bummed that their is still no news of an English translation.