ArcheAge Book “The Fir and the Hawk” Available Soon

Everyone who has an account on ArcheAge.com should have gotten an email today that detailed a contest based on a book, but not just any dusty old hardback…no, this is ArcheAge’s first official tome of lore!

The Fir and the Hawk (전나무와 매) is written by Min-Hee Jeon (전민희), a popular Korean fantasy novelist and ArcheAge’s main lore visionary. The book is on its way to bookstores now, with the planned release date sometime next week, but ArcheAge fans can preorder it right now via Aladin.co.kr or AladinUS.com (Aladin is basically Amazon).

In the book, Min-Hee Jeon spins stories set roughly 2000 years in the past, fleshing out details of ArcheAge’s ancient lore, including the reasons behind the schism between the Nuian and Harihari tribes. The book is meant to be a supplement to the lore included inside ArcheAge itself, helping to explain bits and pieces that wouldn’t normally be known. In this sense the book was written for fans of the game, but anyone can pick up the book and enjoy it even without playing ArcheAge itself.

  • ISBN (13): 9788959522361
  • ISBN (10): 8959522368