MMORPG.com allots subforum for ArchAge!

Not long after ArcheAgeSource.com reached 1000+ members (making it truly the largest AA fansite available), MMORPG.com decided ArcheAge was a popular enough game to warrant its own subforum on their popular news portal!

Here’s the link to the game’s listing on MMORPG.com: http://www.mpog.com/gamelist.cfm/game/572/ArcheAge.html

And here’s another link directly to the game’s list of forums: http://www.mpog.com/gamelist.cfm/game/572/view/forums

It’s time for the ArcheAge community to expand some more! Please be friendly and courteous to the inevitable wave of new fans that this development will generate. :)

  1. Bettega87 says:

    the largest mmorpg forum in italy (www.mmorpgitalia.it) times ago opened a sub forum for you ;)