New Concept Art: The Island of Mist

Island Of Mist

ArcheAge news has been a bit slow for the last two months. XLGames is in crunchmode trying to get a new version of ArcheAge ready for their next closed beta test, which means we haven’t got a lot of material to work with. Please be patient with us for a while. :)

Fortunately we had some extra content saved for times like this, including a secret reserve of concept artwork that we want to share with you all (but couldn’t until now)!

Download the bigger version of the image featured above by clicking on the bold link below:

“The Island of Mist, where life and death coexist.” (We translated the title and made it rhyme!)

  1. Fb says:

    When this game coming, to brazil! *—*

    • Admin says:

      As soon as possible…which might be a little while. XLGames wants the game to be truly magnificent before they start courting foreign publishers. ;)

  2. Cori says:

    Can you tell us please where this island’s position would be having the CBT map before us? :)

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, it’s just concept art right now. The island hasn’t been implemented in-game yet, but expect it to be featured heavily in screenshots once players find it (if they find it). ;)