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The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for XLGAMES and ArcheAge fans. With the fourth closed beta wrapping up next month, everyone’s excited to see what comes next! XLGAMES is gave fans a preview of what they’ve been working on in the following video uploaded today:

If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of ArcheAge’s CBT4, ArcheAgeSource moderator Entaro has exactly what you want! He’s cooked up a lengthy document that describes the beta’s new or improved features and even tracked down some videos to help illustrate his points. However, with two weeks added on to CBT4’s schedule and the end of the test (March 11th) coming up soon, some finer points of the review are subject to change. It’s a great read regardless, so check it out!

ArcheAge CBT4 Review and Extensive Game Info by Entaro – ArcheAge Source

It’s rare that a developer lets so many players into the game design process at such an early stage of development and allows full non-disclosure of the games features.

XLGames has stated that they’re designing ArcheAge with the idea of it being very social. Everything they’ve done so far both in game and the tools that they’ve provided on the official page have shown that they really care about creating a solid community and getting feedback on their game.

Finally, Giuseppe Nelva on DualShockers.com and Jef Reahard and other editors on Massively.com have both been following our news feed here pretty religiously, and we would like to take the time to thank them for their continued support. We also want to thank all of the various European game news sites for their support, as well as all ArcheAge’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

The more people around the world that know about ArcheAge, the better! :)


Underwater! “Inside ArcheAge” Video 6

Players have been able to swim in ArcheAge’s ponds, streams, lakes, rivers and oceans for a long time, but there hasn’t been a real good reason to take a dive…until now.

Enter underwater exploration and harvesting! Put on your diving helmet and scuba gear, because there’s acres of land available under the waves for you to claim. ;)


Siege! “Inside ArcheAge CBT4″ Video 5

What’s an expeditionary force to do when their territory is targeted by pretty much every CBT4 player that’s able to get themselves to the northern continent?

Make a crazy elaborate “castle” of just walls and towers, that’s what.


ArcheAge CBT4 extended two weeks.

In a news post on ArcheAge.com’s Korean forums, Jake Song and XLGAMES announced that they would be extending the current closed beta. Two more weeks have been added to the clock because the ArcheAge team believes the recent addition of siege warfare needs more polish.

The beta will continue on until at least March 11th, if not later.

If you can read Hangul, here’s the original announcement.


“ArcheTalky” iOS App Released by XLGAMES

ArcheTalky Icon

XLGAMES isn’t a one-game, CryENGINE-only developer. That much was made clear last year when Jake Song signed a deal with Take-Two Interactive to develop a game for them. It also seems that XLGAMES has a strong mobile app development team, as they’ve got a couple entries in the iOS App Store for some eclectic minigames and apps they’ve developed over the past year or so.

Well one more feather was just added to XLGAME’s hat of tricks: ArcheTalky, a app that appears to help keep ArcheAge players in contact with their friends and guilds while away from their keyboards or otherwise unable to access the game. This is real-time chat, and it’s a good sign that XLGAMES has plans for future integrated apps.

Remember that video with the french maid assistant NPC? ;)

Anyhow, here’s the full descriptions and screenshots from the iOS App Store.

‘ArcheTalky’ is a smart phone messenger application for ‘ArcheAge’ users. (This application is available only for who has ‘ArcheAge’ game characters)


– ‘ArcheTalky’ is a real time messenger. You can send amessage to your ‘ArcheAge’ friends in ‘everytime’ and ‘everywhere’.


– Your ‘ArcheAge’ friends are waiting for you in the game? Don’t worry. You can use ‘ArcheTalkie’. Your message will be sent to your friends’ in-game chatting system and webpages. ‘ArcheTalky’ is all connected to ‘Game’ and ‘Web’.


– Enjoy group chats with your ‘ArcheAge’ friends.

– Why don’t you edit your profile picture at our website (www.ArcheAge.com), your profile picture will be automatically appeared at ‘ArcheTalky’. (Main Character -> Character option -> Edit Profile Picture)

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/archetalky/id493494426

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