The ArcheAge Report Podcast, Episode 12

Recorded on July 1st, 2013. Mark (ArcheAdmin) answers some kinda old questions, but they’re the only questions we’ve ever received! Got something you think we can answer? Email us at contact@archeage-online.com. Then Mark talks about the Twitch.tv/ArcheAge channel and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

For more information, follow this link: http://archeagesource.com/topic/1872-twitchtv-archeage-channel-want-to-stream/#entry31076


ArcheAge E3 Roundup

It’s been a week since E3 ended, which should be enough time for most news outlets to publish their ArcheAge stories. Here’s a collection of content that was generated by E3 press attendees. Enjoy!

  1. First E3 Demo Uploaded to Youtube
    ArcheAge Demo, E3 2013 Tuesday

  2. Interview with Kenneth Rosman and Victoria Voss on the ArcheAge Report Podcast
    The ArcheAge Report Podcast, Special E3 Episode

  3. Massively’s E3 Preview by Andrew Ross
  4. MMORPG.com’s E3 Preview by William Murphy
  5. TenTonHammer’s E3 First Impressions by Sardu
  6. The Escapist’s E3 Preview by Greg Tito
  7. GameSpot’s E3 ArcheAge vs TESO by Kevin VanOrd
  8. RPGFan’s E3 First Look by Ashton Liu
  9. DigitalTrend’s E3 Preview by Kevin Kelly
  10. GameBreaker’s E3 Presentation Video by QuintLyn
  11. ZAM.com’s E3 Preview by Jarimor
  12. MMOHut’s E3 Recap
  13. YogsCast’s E3 Video Interview with Kyung-Tae Kim

Hopefully this is enough information to keep ArcheAge fans satisfied until Trion Worlds begins spinning up their marketing machine. :)


English Skill Calculator by Impact Guild


The German ArcheAge Guild “Impact” has coded a custom skill tree and class calculator from a mix of PHP and Javascript. The result is a relatively up-to-date application that allows ArcheAge fans to plan out a potential character build long before any beta test.

Follow the link below to see the calculator in action!



The ArcheAge Report Podcast, Episode 11

Recorded on June 16th, 2013 on ArcheAge-Online.de’s “ArcheCast” podcast. This episode is super long! Mark (ArcheAdmin) talks to the German ArcheAge fan community with translation help from Peter (Fido) and Keks. Many E3 questions are asked and answered (in English and German)!

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The ArcheAge Report Podcast, Special E3 Episode 2

Mark (ArcheAdmin) was able to talk to ArcheAge community member Dengar inside the LA Convention Center on the last day of E3. It’s a short discussion but interesting nonetheless.

So long, and thanks for all the tips!

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